Book Giveaway Contest: Prepare, Succeed, Advance Second Edition (Gupta)

If you would like a free copy of my new book, Prepare, Succeed, Advance (Second Edition 2019), enter the contest to win.


  1. In the comment section, post a question for me about doctoral studies, research, the biblical studies guild (etc.)—I will do a Q & A post later on.

  2. Also, follow me on Twitter (or acknowledge in the comment that you already do)

  3. Anyone can ask a question, but I can only mail this copy within the USA. Note that you have a US mailing address in the comment.

  4. In about a week I will randomly select a winner.


21 thoughts on “Book Giveaway Contest: Prepare, Succeed, Advance Second Edition (Gupta)

  1. I’m beginning my PhD journey in August. What is one thing that you know now that you wish you knew when you began this part of your studies?

  2. When such a field like Biblical Studies has been thoroughly researched, how can one, in a sense, contribute something new to the field? In other words, what advice would you give aspiring academics on how to think afresh with the Biblical text?

    -I have a US address for the book giveaway.

  3. How much more preparation is necessary BEFORE entering a UK PhD program? For example, I know many US programs are happy for the student to get German after joining the program.

  4. Dr. Gupta,

    How quickly did you get your Dissertation topic approved? Did your supervisor modify it significantly or did it take a couple tries?

    I’ve been a Twitter follower for a while and I live in the USA.

  5. My main question is not about whether I want to pursue further education, but how to afford it on my private school teacher pay (I teach Bible and history to 7-12 grades) and how to fit higher education into my unchangeable commitments – teaching requires long hours, I teach discipleship classes for my church, and most importantly I am a husband and father of two young girls (4 and 7). I believe the education would benefit both the teaching ministry I am called to as well as my spiritual foundation but the schedule Jarvis already so packed in and the bank account is so stretched. I welcome your thoughts on this as one who likely also had to juggle these issues.

  6. How does the approach to getting a Doctorate in Biblical/Theological Studies change if you are serving as a full-time pastor at the same time?

    I follow on Twitter and live in the US


    William R Horne

  7. I’m primarily interested in pastoral ministry but am also interested in further studies and have two questions. Is it possible/plausible to do a PhD while working full-time (in your neighborhood working for the City or Portland!) Also, what does one gain and lose by doing a PhD distance or modular as opposed to on campus? Looks like you answer that more in your second version – I bought your first one years ago. (I already follow you on Twitter)

  8. My question is from those of us who desire to do a PhD in biblical studies or theology but who are aware of how rare it is to land a full-time teaching position at university. Besides serving a university, how else can we use a theology PhD to serve people / church / world?

    I follow you on Twitter, and I have a US mailing address.

  9. What is one thing you wish would change (and how that would happen) in the atmosphere/ethos of the biblical studies guild or seminaries (the ones you’ve had experience in and in the U.S. )? I follow you on Twitter @condorhanson

  10. Dr. Gupta, do you think that someone who doesn’t care much to speak, give presentations or become a professor but rather just wants to research and write at a high level should pursue doctoral studies?

  11. Hi, I follow you on twitter and I’m in the US – my question is: When doing into a doctoral thesis should the student simply have a topic of interest to study, a question already in mind to research and answer, or an answer to a question already formed with the intention of writing a thesis to support that conclusion? In other words, should the student write a thesis to support a conclusion, to search out a conclusion, or to just investigate a topic?

    Thank you!

  12. Dr. Gupta,

    My Questions: At what point in a student’s career would you recommend that s/he begin submitting articles to academic journals? At what point should a student start attending academic conferences? If a student can only go to one which should it be? Is there value in going to multiple academic conferences?

    ( I follow you on twitter and have a US mailing address 😃 )

  13. What’s your best advice for students beginning their MA in terms of conference attendance and participation? Which conference(s), how many, when to start submitting papers, etc.

    (I follow you on twitter and have a US mailing address)

  14. In your experience as a professor, what are the typical areas you thought your phd students were ill prepared in? Also, in a typical week, how many hours of study do phd students put in? BTW, already following you on twitter.

  15. If it is so difficult to get a job as a professor, should I even try for a PhD? I don’t feel called to the pastorate. Are there schools which actually pay you for your doctoral research? (Maybe that’s two questions?)

    My Twitter handle is @spoiledmilks.
    I have a US address.

  16. Dr. Gupta,
    I hope this is ok to ask, but how did you find the time and money for graduate studies? I am a serious student (I graduated Summa cum Laude with a degree in Christian Studies) but I am also a husband and father. By the time I fit work and then discipling brothers and sisters in the church there isn’t a lot of time left. I also teach Bible and History to 7th-12th graders at a private school so the bank account is not the strongest. I don’t want to take out loans as they will likely be hard to pay back and would just sit over us. All that to say I want to move forward so very badly but have hit a point where we are stalled. How did you or others you know work through these very real issues? Thank you for your time and the work you do for the kingdom.

    1. Sorry I did not mean to post twice… I thought I had responded already but didn’t see it as I skimmed through so I re-posted. I don’t see a delete option, but on your end please feel free to delete my second post

  17. I don’t have a U.S. Address, but I’ll comment anyway.

    I devoured the first edition of this book when it came out

    I’m wondering if you will expand your discussion on graduate theological education in Canada

    With schools like UofT, McMaster – and their respective religious studies departments, as well as affiliated confessional divinity schools, and Regent college, or Heritage and Tyndale seminaries, etc. it seems a good guide could be given for Canadian students as well.

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