SBL Session on My Book: Paul and the Language of Faith

I am excited to report that my soon-coming book with Eerdmans called Paul and the Language of Faith is having a review session at SBL 2019. The session will be Monday, November 25, 2019, 9am-11:30am. The program group is called “Pauline Theology” (chaired by Douglas Harink and Alexandra Brown).

I will be blogging next week on who these wonderful dialogue partners are and their important scholarship, so stay tuned. I am really looking forward to the conversation—if you are attending SBL, please join us!

SBL Book Review Session_ Nijay K. Gupta.png


4 thoughts on “SBL Session on My Book: Paul and the Language of Faith

  1. Hi Nijay,

    Congratulations! This is really wonderful to hear. I don’t think I’ll be in San Diego (might be, but doubt it given the cost), so I likely won’t be there for the panel, but I’m really glad your work is receiving attention. Have fun with the session!

    All the best,


    p.s. – on my end, watch for my next article on I Cor. 8 and 10 appearing in the Dec issue of JSNT. I’m excited about this one. 🙂

    Philip L. Tite, Ph.D.
    Affiliate Lecturer, Jackson School of International Studies
    University of Washington, Seattle WA


  2. Feels like it was just yesterday that you were posting about SBL sessions you were excited to attend. And now you get your very own! Congrats Nijay!

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