Gospel of Thomas Interviews

Since 2009 I have been conducting interviews with leading researchers on the Gospel of Thomas. During the four years I blogged at PEJE IESOUS, these were consistently the most visited pages on my site. The links below will guide you to those interviews. Enjoy! 1. Interview with Nicholas Perrin (Part I) Interview with Nicholas Perrin (Part […]

New Blog for Gospel of Thomas Nerds

Many thanks to Mike Grondin over at the Gospel of Thomas e-list discussion group for pointing out that André Gagné has added a new blog to his website. Gagné has done a fair amount of research on the Gospel of Thomas and the various Jesus traditions in the second and third centuries. He is also currently working […]

On the Gospel of Thomas and the “Gnostic” Label

In a post from a few days ago I made a passing comment about the notion of a “garden variety Gnosticism”–which is essentially a contemporary scholarly fiction–and it got me thinking again about the commonly-used but rarely-thought-out “Gnostic” label that is often applied to the Gospel of Thomas. I have written on this topic in several places, though I think […]

Gospel of Thomas Interviews

Today I was doing some organizing on my blog and I wanted to point out that I’ve added a new page. Over the past several years I have been posting interviews with prominent scholars who have done significant work on the Gospel of Thomas. Up until now the interviews have been scattered across my blog […]

Recent Trends in Gospel of Thomas Research

I was so busy during the fall semester that I neglected to point out that my article on recent trends in Thomas studies (co-authored with Nick Perrin) appeared in Currents in Biblical Research back in October. The title is “Recent Trends in Gospel of Thomas Research (1989-2011): Part II: Genre, Theology, Relationship to the Gospel of John.” […]