Book Reviews

On this page you will find a master-list of book reviews on my blog, as well as book “notes” (which tend to be short)


Keys to First Corinthians (J. Murphy-O’Connor; Oxford, 2009)

The Faith of Jesus Christ (eds. M. Bird and P. Sprinkle; Hendrickson, 2009)

1-2 Thessalonians (G.D. Fee; NICNT; Eerdmans, 2009)

Philippians/Philemon (C. Cousar; WJK, 2009)

Filled With the Spirit (J. Levison; Eerdmans, 2009)

Paul Unbound (ed. Mark Given; Hendrickson, 2009)

Are You The One Who Is To Come? (Michael Bird; Baker, 2009)

Four Views on Moving Beyond the Bible to Theology (eds. Gundry and Meadors; Zondervan, 2009) [Part I, Part II, Part III, Part IV)

Theological Interpretation of Scripture (S. Fowl; Wipf & Stock, 2009)

Inhabiting the Cruciform God (M. Gorman; Eerdmans, 2009)

Beginning From Jerusalem (James D.G. Dunn; Eerdmans, 2009) (Part I

New Testament Theology (James D.G. Dunn; Abingdon, 2009) (Part II)

Justification (Tom Wright; SPCK, 2009)

John 1-4 (ICC; J. McHugh; Continuum, 2009)

The New Testament in Antiquity (Gary Burge et al.; Zondervan, 2009)


Seeking the Identity of Jesus: A Pilgrimage (eds. B.R. Gaventa and R.B. Hays; Eerdmans, 2008)

Redefining First-Century Jewish and Christian Identities: Essays in Honor of Ed Parish Sanders (F. Udoh et al.; Notre Dame Press, 2009) [More]

The Sacramental Life (D. deSilva; IVP, 2008)

Colossians (NTL; J. Sumney; WJK, 2008)

Peoples of the New Testament World (W. Simmons; Hendrickson, 2008)

Basics of Verbal Aspect in Biblical Greek (C. Campbell; Zondervan, 2008)

The Church’s Guide for Reading Paul (Eerdmans, 2008) [Guest post + Review1 + 2]

Body, Soul, and Human Life (J.B. Green; Baker, 2008) + Interview with Joel Green (Part I, Part II)

First Corinthians (Anchor-Yale; J. Fitzmyer; Yale Press, 2008)

The Word Leaps the Gap (FS for Richard Hays; eds. J.R. Wagner et al.; Eerdmans, 2008) + 1

We Become What We Worship (G.K. Beale; IVP, 2008)

Elements of Biblical Exegesis (M. Gorman; Hendrickson, 2008)

Colossians (Pillar; D. Moo; Eerdmans, 2008) and MORE

Searching for Meaning (ed. Paula Gooder; SPCK/WJK, 2008)

Israel’s God and Rebecca’s Children: Christology and Community in Early Judaism and Christianity (D. Capes et al.; Baylor Press, 2008).

Evoking Scripture: Seeing the Old Testament in the New (S. Moyise; Continuum, 2008)

[Interview with Steve Moyise on ES]


Biblical Theology (J. Mead; WJK, 2007)

Galatians (Gordon Fee; Pentecostal Commentary Series; DEO, 2007) [Part I, Part II]

UBS Greek New Testament: A Reader’s Edition (author: God; Hendrickson, 2007)

Deuteronomy in the New Testament (eds. S. Moyise and M. Menken; Continuum, 2007)

Commentary on the New Testament’s Use of the Old Testament (eds. G. Beale and D.A. Carson; Baker, 2007)

1 Peter (Two Horizons; J. Green; Eerdmans, 2007)

The Oxford Handbook of Biblical Studies (eds. J.W. Rogerson and J.M. Lieu)

Holiness and Ecclesiology in the New Testament (eds. K. Brower and A. Johnson; Eerdmans, 2007)

Our Mother Saint Paul (B. Gaventa; Eerdmans, 2007)

Paul and His World (H. Koester; Augsburg 2007)

Jewish Believers in Jesus: The Early Centuries (eds. O. Skarsaune & R. Hvalvik; Hendrickson, 2007)


The New Interpreter’s Dictionary of the Bible (overview; Abingdon, 2006-?) [Update: volume III]

The Nature of New Testament Theology (ed. C. Tuckett et al.; Wiley-Blackwell, 2006)

Seeing the Word: Refocusing New Testament Study (M. Bockmuehl; Baker, 2006)

4 thoughts on “Book Reviews

  1. Hello,

    thank you for this very handy overview. I’ve got one question: Do you intend to finish your discussion of “Four Views on Moving Beyond the Bible to Theology”? I’d be very interested in your opinion on Webb’s approach!


  2. Hi – I was given your link from Ben Reynolds. I have a review copy of a book I am hoping you will review. Can you send me your email? Andrew Barron

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