Andrew Bernhard Convincingly Demonstrates Gospel of Jesus’ Wife is Modern Forgery (Skinner)

FRONTJust in case you hadn’t seen it, this past Friday Mark Goodacre allowed a guest post (and a Saturday recap) by Andrew Bernhard over at the NT Blog. Bernhard’s posts are dedicated to demonstrating, quite convincingly in my opinion, that the poorly-named Gospel of Jesus’ Wife is a “patchwork forgery” drawn from an earlier version of Mike Grondin’s widely used, online interlinear translation of the Gospel of Thomas. If there was doubt before about whether GJW could be authentic, I think all doubt will be removed after you have read Bernhard’s evidence.

Andrew Bernhard on the Relationship between the Gospel of Thomas & the Gospel of Jesus’ Wife

Over at, Andrew Bernhard has posted a fine comparison and analysis of the Coptic texts of Gos. Thom. and GJW. He attempts to advance further the hypothesis championed to this point by Watson and Goodacre.