Across the Spectrum of New Testament Studies: Introductory Post (Skinner)

Across the SpectrumNijay and I are currently co-authoring a book for Baker Academic that is tentatively titled, Across the Spectrum: Understanding the Key Issues in New Testament Studies (forthcoming 2017). The book is intended to be a broad coverage of the spectrum of views on major issues in NT research and is aimed at upper-level undergraduate and divinity school audiences. In recent months I have been weighed down with completing several other projects but now I am in a position to turn my attention to this project. We have discussed the merit of blogging through our thoughts, ideas, musings, and revelations as we work through the chapters on this book. So consider this post an introduction to our task, a “heads-up,” and most of all an invitation. In coming months, if you see posts with the title, “Across the Spectrum…..,” we will be talking about issues related to the book. In those cases, PLEASE feel the freedom to weigh in on the conversation. We want this, above all, to be useful for students and non-specialists and our interactions with you will help us sharpen our thinking and writing. Thanks in advance!


Characters and Characterization in the Gospel of John Now Available in Paperback! (Skinner)

Chris 1I was delighted to find out, just now, that my book, Characters and Characterization in the Gospel of John (LNTS 461; London: Bloomsbury/T & T Clark, 2013) is now available in paperback. The best part of finding out this news was not receiving the book (which I have yet to do) but having one of my students purchase it, then show it to me! The original hardbound volume costs about $125, while the paperback is $39.95. So, if you were waiting for a more affordable copy, now is your chance! For those attending SBL, you will be able to get it even cheaper.

Was Jesus Scribal-Literate? (Skinner)

The video embedded below features Chris Keith discussing the central thesis of his most recent book, Jesus Against the Scribal Elite. (You can also find the video on the Baker Academic Blog where there is further information about the book.) Since I am planning to post a review of the book here later in the week, I thought the video would serve as a useful primer for our readers.