Frank Gignac’s Introductory Grammar Revised (Skinner)

Gignac BookI just noticed that Frank Gignac’s useful little volume, An Introductory New Testament Greek Course has been revised and re-released by Catholic University of America Press. The book, originally published by Loyola University Press in 1973, was used by countless students during Frank’s three decades teaching at Catholic University. This book was the vehicle for many students with no previous exposure to Hellenistic Greek to learn the basics quickly. One of the unique features—compared with other contemporary grammars—is how quickly it gets students into the verbal system. Throughout his career, Frank was one of the leading scholars of Koine Greek in the world and possessed a voluminous knowledge of Greek manuscripts as well as the historical development of the language. In truth, he was a classicist and brought this expertise to biblical studies. This broader context, which is often lacking in other modern grammars intended for students in biblical studies, can be detected in the book as well. However, as useful as the book has been over the years, it suffered from an ancient typesetting and numerous errata.  In other words, it DESPERATELY needed to be updated. As a friend and former student of Frank’s, I am thankful that CUA Press has taken the time to produce a work that will ensure that his legacy of generous teaching and advising students can continue.

Also (if you’re interested), I noticed that book is currently available for review over at RBL.