Durham Alum, Did you know…

This is not (necessarily) an opportunity to toot our university’s horn, but a chance to demonstrate that some pretty excellent scholars have come out of Durham (as either undergrads or postgrads):

Did you know that Durham has produced:

Simon Gathercole

Bruce Longenecker

Stephen Finlan (now at Drew)

Helen Bond

Paul Trebilco

Maurice Casey

Ben Witherington III

Judith Lieu (for her MA)

So far just a short list.  Can anyone think of others who have some recognition in academia?  OT people as well?


SBL in Vienna – program posted

For those interested in SBL in Vienna this summer, the program has just recently been posted on the website: http://www.sbl-site.org/congresses/Congresses_ProgramBook.aspx?MeetingId=11.

Our very own Rob Barrett, Loren Stuckenbruck and Elena Narinskaya will be presenting (as well as yours truly). What I am most excited about is a session on Jesus with a panel of expert scholars from around the world (the world meaning Europe and America…)

Christopher Tuckett, University of Oxford
Jesus and the Sabbath (45 min)
Heikki Räisänen, University of Helsinki
Jesus and Hell (45 min)
Break (30 min)
Michael Labahn, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven
Jesus as God’s Eschatological Creator of Change: Memories and Stories of Healing and Exorcism in Context (45 min)
Stanley Porter, McMaster Divinity College
Jesus and Resurrection (45 min)

Also, Darrell Bock will be speaking on what Jesus did that led to his condemnation, Don Hagner on the Synoptics, James Charlesworth on ‘enemies’ in the Gospels,  James M Scott on ‘Jesus and Dionysus’, Beverly Gaventa on Paul’s apocalyptic theology in Romans, Wendell Willis on Philippians and cultural values, John Kloppenborg on the Parables, Gerd Theissen on the historical Jesus and later on the letter to the Romans, and Christopher Stanley on the terms ‘echo’ and ‘allusion’ in Pauline scholarship and the problem of distinguishing and defining them.  This is just a sample.  It looks to be a good group.

Francis Watson to join Durham staff

We have just received word that Francis Watson is joining our NT staff in the fall.  Apparently he will continue to work from Aberdeen for a year or so before making the move, but will make trips to visit us from time to time.  This is a real boon for our already stellar staff.  What could this mean for Aberdeen’s shrinking team of NT scholars???