Andrew Bernhard on the Relationship between the Gospel of Thomas & the Gospel of Jesus’ Wife

Over at, Andrew Bernhard has posted a fine comparison and analysis of the Coptic texts of Gos. Thom. and GJW. He attempts to advance further the hypothesis championed to this point by Watson and Goodacre.

More Gospel of Thomas Material in the Gospel of Jesus’ Wife?

Last night Mark Goodacre posted further comments about material from the Gospel of Thomas that exists in the newly disseminated fragment known as The Gospel of Jesus’ Wife. This topic has been explored in great detail over the past few week. When the fragment was first made public, several of us noticed that portions of Gos. Thom. 101 and 114 seemed to be present. Then Francis Watson wrote an essay in which he suggested that the fragment is a patchwork of material taken from different portions of the Gospel of Thomas. In this most recent post, Mark notices that one line of the fragment is taken from Gos. Thom. 30. This is a characteristically good find by Mark (is anyone surprised?). Mark concludes:

I would like to suggest, then, that Francis Watson is bang on the money in finding the Gospel of Jesus’ Wife to be a patchwork of pieces from the Gospel of Thomas, and to offer this suggestion as extending and so confirming his excellent case.

Based upon all I have read to this point, I think Goodacre and Watson have made the most compelling argument about the origin of the document.