In Dialogue with Chris Keith: My Syndicate Piece is Now Up (Skinner)

Scribal EliteThe most recent Syndicate symposium, focusing on Chris Keith’s Jesus Against the Scribal Elite, is in its second week. Last week there were pieces by Dagmar Winter and Tobias Hagerland. This morning my piece, and Chris’s response to my piece appeared. As anyone who has read my writing on this or my previous blog knows, I am largely sympathetic to the social memory approach undertaken in recent years by the likes of Chris Keith, Rafael Rodriguez, Anthony Le Donne, etc. You will hear that appreciation in my response to the book, though my reflection is largely devoted to an analysis of the book’s reception, both within the guild and the Christian community. We would love to hear any comments or reactions you might have.

Syndicate Symposium on Chris Keith’s Jesus Against the Scribal Elite (Skinner)

Syndicate TheologyThe latest Syndicate symposium was posted this morning. This one focuses on critical responses to Chris Keith’s excellent little book, Jesus Against the Scribal Elite (Baker Academic, 2014). The symposium begins with an introduction from Chris Tilling¬†and reflections from Dagmar Winter, which is followed by Chris Keith’s response to Winter’s piece. ¬†Since I am participating in this symposium, I had a chance to read, in advance, both the articles and Chris Keith’s response to each. I think those who are interested in the issues raised by Keith’s book will find this symposium both engaging and enlightening.